Tamansari Water Castle

Water Castle Taman Sari also known as Taman Sari is a site of a former royal garden of the sultanate of Yogyakarta. It is located about 2 km south within the grounds of the Kraton, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Built in mid 18th century, the Taman Sari had multiple functions, such as a resting area, a workshop, a meditation area, a defense area, and a hiding place.

The name of Tamansari comes from the Javanese words taman, meaning a “garden” or “park” and sari, which means “beautiful” or “flowers”. Hence, the name Tamansari means an area of a beautiful garden adorned with flowers. An old article described it as a “Water Castle” (dutch: waterkasteel); as by shutting the water gates, the complex would be completely immersed in water, leaving tall structures standing out.